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Our Specialist Approach To
Smart Landscaping

For homes

Smart landscaping goes a long way towards increasing the comfort of your home. Just a few simple considerations when landscaping your home or can make a big difference in your comfort and the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. The temperature and comfort of your house is directly affected by climate. Air temperature, ground temperature, the amount of sun that comes through your windows, air exchanges, window placements -- all can make your house cooler or warmer according to your liking. This pivotal decision during site planning or design stage can help also help long term energy bill reduction.

For farm owners - Climate and Site Analysis based Smart Farm Plan for Multi CroppingSite Analysis

Site analysis is a predesign research activity which focuses on existing and potential conditions on and around the project site. It is an inventory of the site factors and forces, and how they coexist and interact. The purpose of the analysis is to provide thorough information about the site assets and liabilities prior to starting the design process. Only in this way can concepts be developed that incorporate meaningful responses to the external conditions of the site. Understanding these aspects are critical to become aware of energy efficient designs and construction that will save energy, cost less to operate and have less of a negative impact on the natural environment.


Each specific site has its own unique climatic characteristics that need to be analyzed. The climatic aspects of the specific site or areas on the site are called the microclimate. The specific characteristics of the site are analyzed only after one has a good understanding of the macroclimate and general climatic characteristics which give an overview of the climate for your region. The microclimate must be studied not only for the natural elements, but for how any man-made elements, such as buildings, pavers, sheds and landscaping are affecting and/or will affect the site.

Our Role

We provide the following to help homeowners and farmland owners

  • Detailed site maps with wind-rose, heat maps and associated inputs to plan irrigation ad species selection for multi-cropping
  • Material analysis for a passive farmhouse with cost benefit analysis for all the options.
  • Renewable energy capacity and sizing for near net-zero energy operation
  • Automation design and plan to
  • Monitor irrigation sufficiency and control irrigation
  • Cost-benefit analysis for irrigation automation system implementation
  • Cost-benefit analysis for renewable energy system implementation
  • Smart Landscaping and Energy Efficiency