Services / Green Building Design and Certification

Our Specialist Approach To
Green Building Design and Certification

We provide support services for projects that require certification under evaluation systems such as IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, ECBC, WELL and EDGE. Certification is one of the many ways to demonstrate and evaluate efforts that have gone into projects. Our approach is to help project teams design eco-friendly buildings to reduce costs and provide building users with healthy and efficient spaces.

We truly believe that certification is only a byproduct. While our approach truly verifies that the design and construction of the building meet the required environmental standards and best practices; it also creates spaces that are functionally sustainable. We have evaluated over 100 Million sq. ft. till date across Residential, Commercial, Townships, Green Schools, Green Industrial Parks, Green Ports and Green Warehouses, Govt. Green Buildings, Existing Buildings, Smart Cities and Green Corporate and Educational Campuses.

Our Process

Feasibility assessment
Feasibility assessment is carried out with the primary purpose of guiding decisions and laying out practical goals and sustainable development plans. This assessment differs from the review conducted by the regulatory body for project approval. This assessment helps with a roadmap for design teams and project promoters to make informed decisions of obtaining relevant green building certification. Depending on the desired evaluation system, the performance of the design is evaluated against set guidelines and parameters such as site, energy, water, waste materials, etc. After this assessment, the project team can evaluate the change and the imminent achievement of the highest level of certification for the project. .

We handhold clients throughout the process, evaluating scoring of all aspects of the certification process, coordinating construction phase deliveries, and synergizing with relevant stakeholders and certification bodies to achieve the highest possible certification for the project. We are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and help projects achieve their sustainability goals by addressing all aspects related to water, waste, materials, and quality such as location, energy, and construction. We help devise a clear strategy and roadmap. We also help project marketing teams and support staff understand the concept of green to improve project marketing and branding.

Energy Simulation
We are experts in energy simulation and use state-of-the-art software to evaluate ventilation and daylighting designs. This helps is with accurate results and points us to analyze the concerns of proposed energy saving measures in a project. Our reports help compare the energy performance of building designs with energy standards such as ASHRAE 90.1 and ECBC. Our in-house analysts provide information to optimize your design and recommend effective energy-saving measures and strategies.

Extended Actions
Third-party operation to implement the MEP system is one of the mandatory requirements of the LEED and IGBC assessment programs. We have a network of commissioning and testing specialists with extensive experience in operating various MEP systems. The commissioning process includes reviewing MEP projects, reviewing contractor bids, and observing functional testing of equipment. The overall goal of the operational process is to ensure that the MEP system delivers the promised performance during the design phase.