Our service offerings are built to meet the demands of individual projects as well as to integrate sustainability into a company's ongoing operations. We focus on every project’s sustainability goals, not just its scorecard. Utilizing our experience and broad access of experts and industry best practices, we efficiently assist companies and individuals achieve or exceed their desired expectation.

Green building design and certification

Our expertise span IGBC, GRIHA, Greenco, ECBC, USGBC, ESTIDAMA, EDGE, WELL with certified and empaneled experts on board with excellent track record. Our certifications also provide verified performance metrics that contribute to operational cost savings.

Home, industrial, agro and process automation

We design high availability automated systems using cutting-edge technology to help deliver increased efficiency and productivity. Our systems ensure a monitored ROI to make it viable for small business owners.

Simulation and Design Advisory

We use scientific and proven methodology in mapping energy consumption and evaluate the effectiveness of different measures and equipment. With historical data we estimate the performance of buildings and systems as a pre-emptive measure to greatly benefit businesses financially in the long-term.

Indoor environment quality – design, retrofit and automation

Indoor environmental quality involves regulating space, ventilation, and humidity. We design automated systems to help mitigate health concerns and meliorate the indoor air quality of buildings thereby improving the well-being and health of employees.

Green Audit

We are adept at systematic identification, quantification, recording, reporting and analysis of components of environmental diversity of various establishments.

Daylighting design and analysis

We understand the dynamic and perpetually evolving patterns of outdoor illumination to create a visually stimulating and productive environment for building occupants, while reducing as much as one-third of total building energy costs.

HVAC Design and Commissioning

We understand the complexity and proliferation of technological building equipment and commissioning as a key driver for sustainable growth. Our efforts here result in occupant comfort, energy use reduction and overall energy bills.

Organic farming and phytoremediation

We leverage historical data of weather, soil analysis and wind patterns to provide farming solutions. Our solutions also are an alternative to engineering procedures and provide cost-effective environmental restoration technologies.

Green Product Analysis and certification

We assess the holistic framework and highlight the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance for products. We run through the entire life cycle from the raw material extraction to the end of useful life of the product.

Micro climate and urban heat island analysis

We analyse the microclimate of urban open spaces and its influencing parameters such as the urban form and geometry, urban density, the vegetation, the water levels, and the properties of surfaces. This provides indicators on liveability of such places.

Lighting design and advisory

We bring together science, art, and technology together with our lighting design capabilities. We are experts in comprehending the interaction of structures and lighting, and work with architects and manufacturers to provide conceptual designs for homes and commercial establishments.

Water and waste management

Our expertise on the environmental impacts of water and waste enables us to provide innovative, sustainable solutions on water management, wastewater recycling and waste management.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy advisory

We work with companies’ baseline energy usage and provide customized strategies that help them get closer to their energy goals. We identify problematic areas, provide solutions to optimize energy usage and help transition to greener or renewable energy sources.

Shadow analysis based solar photo voltaic system design

We provide crucial information to planners and architects when it comes to looking at and finalizing decisions on the location of windows, photovoltaic installations, parking lots and more.

Training and capacity building

We carry out a wide range of capacity building initiatives for public, private businesses, and educational institutions. We organize courses as well as on-the-job training enabling people to support companies in the implementation of socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Rainwater harvesting

Our RWH system designs are intended to streamline the process and provide plans that fit projects. With these plans and design documents we help residents, developers and farm owners implement customized and effective systems.

Ventilation design

We develop standard and bespoke ventilation schemes. Our designs are modelled to determine temperature and velocity of incoming air at the occupied zone.

CSR and GRI Reporting

We provide balanced and reasonable representation of the sustainability performance (CSR) of the reporting organization, including both positive and negative contributions. The key drivers for the quality of our sustainability reports are the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), award schemes or rankings.


How do I green my business ?

There are various ways to green your business depending on the type of work. The first general recommendation would be to lower the energy use of your business. That could mean simple measures such as automated sensors in unoccupied areas to more comprehensive approaches such as benchmarking your building’s energy use with certifying bodies. Contact us and we can help you identify your sustainability goals and perform a sustainability assessment to help determine the most effective steps you can take.

Sustainable focuses on the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and economic performance. This means that the strategy would address/mitigate environmental degradation, social issues and make a financial profit. Green focuses on only 2 of these criteria: environmental and economic performance.

The most effective green projects are created when there is synergy between all members of the project team. We augment a project team’s resources with our dedication, knowledge and experience of sustainable building design and construction. Our passion for green building drives us to meet a project team’s needs through a holistic, integrated design process. While our direct client may be the owner, architect, contractor, or facility manager, we invariably serve every team member to ensure the best possible results. Our consultation focuses on strategies that produce the best life-cycle cost impact with improved environmental performance.