At Earthonomics, we work towards developing sustainable environments for homes and organizations. Our primary aim is to provide the best options for sustainable living by creating high performance environments for everyone.

We aim to transform people’s perception of “environment is cost". We strongly believe that going beyond compliance saves cost at the same time generates revenue. We are pioneers in providing a new lean and green paradigm that is ROI centric.

We assist architects and consultants to improve building designs, energy efficiency, selection of building materials, and optimize building economics, for residencies, institutions, offices, and factories.

Our core competencies and team expertise

  • IGBC, LEED, ECBC, EDGE and GRIHA Accredited Professionals
  • Trained Energy Modeling Software experts
  • Architecture and Construction Experts
  • HVAC, Thermal & Electrical Design Experts
  • Lighting Design Experts
  • Renewable Energy Specialists
  • Commissioning and Energy Auditing Specialists
  • Product Performance Analysts
  • Phytoremediation Experts
  • Organic Farming and Landscaping Experts
  • Water Management and RWH Specialists