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Our recommendations are measurable, reportable and verifiable. We enhance the social, environmental and financial performance of an organization.
  • People and Communities

    We believe in paying it forward and ensuring a healthy work environment for every citizen

  • Environment and carbon footprint

    We look at the entire life cycle of small to large corporations and determine the true cost of what they're doing to the environment. From increasing their energy efficiency to adopting renewable sources of energy we make the most efficient recommendation

  • Economics and Profits

    We are not in this because we are tree huggers; we do because it is cost effective

  • Climate change

    We believe earth is a transit lounge, we intend to leave it in its pink

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Residential green building practices include designing and constructing homes that use energy, water, and materials efficiently; have a reduced impact on their physical environment; and promote a healthy indoor environment for you, your family, or your customer. We use an integrated design approach through simulations to create a high performing building. Talk to us before you start building your dream home.

Indoor environment quality depends on conditions inside a building and how they affect the occupants of the building. These conditions include lighting, ergonomics, thermal conditions and air quality. Good indoor environment quality is one protects the health of the building’s occupants, reduces stress and improves their quality of life. Give your employees the gift of good quality working environment, talk to us today.

Powerful design solutions such as maximizing the glazing on the north and south faces and eliminating windows on the east and west to reduce heat gain and bringing in glare-free natural light are some alternatives to make a factory high performing. We also consider the orientation and location of facilities within the building to improve the performance of an existing or a new building. Talk to us today to reduce your energy bills by at least 40%


Water conservation 60%
Renewable Energy 30%
Indoor Air Quality 75%
Day lighting 73%
Waste management 65%

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At Earthonomics, we work towards developing sustainable environments for homes and organizations. Our primary aim is to provide the best options for sustainable living by creating high performance environments for everyone.